Rugby Sports Betting: How to Determine the Amount of Money to Bet

One of the toughest and most competitive sports teams is rugby. Rugby’s history dates back to the nineteenth century in England, after which residents of other countries indicated interest in him. Discipline has few variations (rugby-15, rugby-7 and others), the rules and duration of the game are different.

Rugby-15 has long had a large number of interested people to be represented at the Olympics. However, implementers are not in a hurry to make the composition of the Olympic discipline. This fact is particularly related to the fact that players need a long rehabilitation period after the meeting, which cannot be allowed within the short period of the Olympic Games. At the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Rugby-7 was presented, because the duration of the match was far less than in Rugby-15.

Besides the Olympics, major tournaments are the World Cup and Six Nations Cup. Rugby is popular in the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, France, Argentina, New Zealand and other countries. The popularity of rugby is great in a number of countries and the vast geography of all fans provokes the appearance of this sport in the betting line.

As pronounced above, in rugby, the rules and nature of the game are different. For example, Rugby-15 is not as fast and dynamic as other disciplines. The main focus is on the struggle for domination and team tactics. There are not a few chances of stopping in a match, so bettors don’t often have time for deliberate bets. As for rugby-7, until now discipline has not been presented as a separate sport. The national team consists of Rugby-15 athletes, and key players do not view significant tournaments. However, after the rugby-7 statement as an Olympic sport, the attitude towards him has returned to a better place, and his popularity has increased.

Bets offer a fair set of results for confrontation, to the extent that each user will be able to choose the best choice. Popular bets to win between teams in matches. The results drawn are possible, but it is not possible, therefore the coefficients for the use of such events are rather high. No less common is the bet on winning with a handicap. Team classes in personal games can be significantly opposite, and the coefficients for winning favorites are too small to count on significant income. In such a situation, it’s better to pick up a favorite victory at the minus odds.

It is possible to make a bet on the total for all matches or periods of individual periods. The total variance in collective personalities is considered. Unique is betting effort. One should not assume that rugby is “uncompromising battle”. The judge supervised the violation of the rules, to the extent that the cards in the match were common symptoms.

Players can strive to assess effective actions first in a match. For example, what will happen faster: an effort or free kick. Other bets are possible: in tournament winners, odd / even, periods / matches and other results.

For an effective bet you must, first of all, see the composition of the team. In the national team game, the mutual definition between rugby players from one club is established far better than among athletes who only gather a number of times a year. By evaluating the team format, you must listen not only to a series of victories / defeats, but also to the position of individual players. Athletes who work on a number of urgent and challenging matches may not be in the best situation.

The trainer has a different composition. Some players have equal substitutes, to the extent that “fresh” reserves can significantly affect the results around the match. Having as many powerful players is very urgent in long-running tournaments, where as much as possible is expected.

Players before betting must also watch individual team meetings. Games with an uncomfortable opponent often finish with defeat, and a series of losses can be difficult to repair. In difficult times, tactics allow you to overcome stronger opponents, but the coach must be prepared to make responsible decisions. Previous game analysis will allow us to know what strategies the mentor holds depending on conditions in the field. The match is held in open space, to the extent that the weather can create its own adjustments. In difficult situations, dividends in speed are not very clear, because of that the struggle for domination and tactical actions come forward.

To succeed, some players use existing rugby betting strategies or develop their own schemes. Other bettors prefer to watch each match and draw red threads according to the events seen. Such a non-systemic approach also has the right to exist, because seeing the broadcast helps to assess the strength of the team and the state of the heart to fight within certain periods of time.

In many cases, the duration of the match is 80 minutes (2 parts, every 40 minutes). Therefore, all results are calculated after the end of the main periods. Depending on the competition, the duration can vary, to the extent that the user must listen to the competition rules before betting. Determination of the winner matches the results of extra time or a series of punches carried out in the match “for departure”. If the event that the player has decided has already occurred, the bet is calculated directly in the match. The remaining profit sharing needs to look forward to the completion of the confrontation.

In CIS countries, rugby is lower than sports in popularity. However, in the international arena, this discipline finds not a few fans. The audience appreciates the “sporting anger” of all players, their willingness to win, even though there is resistance from the opponent. For big tournaments, bets offer a rather high chance, so players have a good chance of getting rugby. However, like in other disciplines, a competent approach to the betting process and an option from a reliable betting office is required. Rugby bets can be made online at the site:

Analyze Rugby for Sportsbook Games Purpose

The steps to bet on Rugby gambling games on Sportsbook will be given to you online – all of you who are really hobbies about betting online. Rugby betting is one that is provided by the biggest betting service in Asia, namely Sportsbook. One of the agent that provide Rugby online bet is Judisakti, you can daftar sbobet right away. This rugby bet was only known a year ago because its existence in competition has a tense feeling for a number of gamblers who see it. Without you betting, just by looking, we will have such high adrenaline, because this game is like watching a game of boxing or competing abilities.

Of course for a number of people in Indonesia, even though the player is included, the gambler certainly doesn’t fully understand what is the essence of this rugby game, so with this one writing, of course we become a trusted sbobet betting agent in Indonesia and will explain a little about the outline in rugby games. this is to avoid misunderstanding in american football games and this rugby game. Is that a rugby game? Of course there are certainly a number of gamblers who question the question. The Rugby game is a sports game that is played using an oval ball and for the playing stage, a number of players holding the oval ball must do a sprint towards the opponent’s line or what can be called with the goal of the goal.

By holding the ball and running so a number of players holding the oval ball will also be chased by opposing players who have the intention to stop by dropping the player holding the oval ball. The steps of dropping it like scooping your legs or crashing the body into the body on a number of players holding an oval ball. At first glance it looks like an American football game, but with our brief and concise explanation above it is certain that a number of players can separate American football and rugby. Some players who play rugby use some of the protection to create the protection of the body space that is delivered so dangerous and sensitive in order to be attacked by disputes so as to avoid matters that can cause minor misfortune but can lead to fatal things.

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2018 Asian Games: Get to know the Rugby Sevens Discipline

There is the name rugby sevens in the composition of sports that are contested at the 2018 Asian Games. For the people of Indonesia, this sport is foreign because it is not a little played. Well, therefore, here Karkonosze wants to invite you to get acquainted with this one sport.

Rugby sevens are descended from rugby union, aka regular Rugby. To be sure, even though rugby sevens is arguably a mini rugby, it needs maximum stamina because the tempo of the game is faster. Rugby sports in general are almost the same as American football, which most relies on the strength of the body to run and save the ball. The difference is, rugby do not wear body and head protection devices when competing. Similar, it is, with football.

According to Karkonosze, rubgy games are the same as online gambling games which are fun, exciting, fun and make our hearts pounding. Both of these games both make us curious about the final results. Of course every game has won or lost. So don’t miss the match.

Speaking of the Asian Games, rugby union and rugby sevens competed for the first time in the 1998 edition in Bangkok. However, since the 2006 Asian Games in Qatar, rugby sevens have only been contested. While at the Olympics, Rugby Sevens began to enter in 2016. Problem hero, South Korea (South Korea) and Japan are seeded rugby sevens Asia and also both Countries are famous with their bluff tactics like playing poker in jaypoker. Japan has been ranked fourth in the Olympics and has won three gold medals from the Asian Games. Meanwhile, South Korea has a collection of two Asian Games championships in this sport.

1. History
The advent of rugby games began with William Webb Ellis in 1823 at the Rugby School, when he grabbed the ball with his hand and ran with the ball. In 1871, the Rugby Football Union was organized in London. Meanwhile, rugby sevens appeared in 1883 through the idea of ​​Ned Haig, a butcher and rugby player from Scotland. As time goes by, rugby has become a sport for Britain, France, Italy, New Zealand, Scotland, Ireland, Argentina, South Africa, and Australia. While rugby sevens is quite favored by countries in eastern Asia.

2. Player
As the name implies, rugby sevens is played by seven athletes. Each team is only allowed to bring five reserve players and work on substitutions for at least five times in one match. Unlike rugby union, in Rugby Sevens players can return to the field (playing) after he is called out. It aims to oversee the movement and independence of the flow of play, which is indeed the main objective of rugby sevens. For positions, there is a left prop, hooker, right prop, scrum-half, fly-half, center and wing. Because it is played on a full field, seven players are required to have the stamina to run fast.

3. Time and place to play
More succinct than rugby union which played 40 minutes, rugby sevens took 2×7 minutes, where there was a half-time gap of about two minutes. Rugby sevens are 100 meters long and 70 meters wide. Both goal teams are at the end of the ‘H’ shaped field.

4. Scoring System
– Try 5 points. Try is obtained when touching the ball to the location of the opponent’s goal.
– Conversion 2 points. Conversion is an extra point that can be obtained a maximum of 30 seconds after a try.
– Penalty goal 3 points.
– Dropped goal 3 points.

5. Sanctions
Some actions that can result in penalties for opponents include: Intentionally blocking opponents who want to tackle the ball carrier, running leads to different players off the field, interfering with the opponent when the ball dies, and disturbing the player who kicked the ball.

That’s not much about the sport of rugby sevens. The fundamental difference with rugby union is the matter of the body, where rugby sevens specializes in speed and agility. And in shorter times, rugby sevens scores are often only around 20s. The winning team, of course, is the team that can collect the most points.

At the 2018 Asian Games, two numbers, namely boys and girls, are competed from 30 August to 1 September at the GBK Rugby Field, Senayan. The Indonesian men’s team joined Pool B with Japan, Malaysia and Taiwan. While women’s teams are currently in Pool E with Japan, Kazakhstan and Thailand. In the previous 2014 edition, rugby sevens’s son’s gold belonged to Japan. Meanwhile, the number of princesses is controlled by China.

Rugby is Back at The Olympics

Cultivated and similar cats
After 92 years, Rugby has returned to the Olympics. If ever thrown out for being too brutal, in 7 variants of rough sport is not a little can be seen

Adelung? Takes place. Just before one o’clock in the afternoon, the US and Fiji teams played down, but the world was watching with ease. Because now the world government is present sport. Thomas Bach appeared with his entourage, and where the president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) took place, the camera was not far away. All lenses are shown to the stands at the Deodoro stadium. Here is a hard male Rugby sport handed by elegant women with cat-like movements, Bach nodded in recognition, where a number of people turned and their phones in photo-switching mode. Rugby came back.

This is slightly opposite from the last Olympics, which is now 92 years ago. Rugby is a pioneer of modern soccer sport, it was created about football perhaps, but after the Paris Olympics in 1924, Olympia looked too hard and brutal and too outmoded for the world’s youth to pursue postwar or better fulfillment. In Paris, it was in the final between the US and Australia to fight in the stands, and almost all the enthusiasts stormed the field.

Seven years ago, the IOC went on rugby at the Copenhagen meeting. The return of the resurrection at the Parque Olimpico from Deodoro, the vast estate next to the eastern element of Rio de Janeiro. Hockey is played on the left, the shooter shoots to the right, and in the middle is Portia Woodman, a 25-year-old New Zealand who barely recognizes who is also in Rio and is already acting as a world star who is coming. Portia Woodman started his athletic career on netball and changed into rugby only three years ago. Netball is a variant of basketball, which comes not much more without a body and thus has nothing to do with rugby, which people like to ramble on about the third beer in the pub.

“Very exciting here”
Step one in Rio is women. “It’s incredible here,” said Portia Woodman. He is 25 years old and has gone to Copacabana and a preliminary ceremony at Maracana for the last few days, but “the greatest moment is when I hit the Olympic region one time”. In this particular issue, the Olympic grass is created from synthetic fibers. New Zealand kicked the ball into the game for the introduction and, twelve seconds later, Portia Woodman planted the ball through the baseline for their first attempt against Kenya. “It feels good,” he said, not a bad word for poor girls from Kenya who do not know where it is left or right and invaded by New Zealand as two years ago, Brazil’s national football team from Germany in Belo Horizonte.

Rugby is often a sport that non-rugby players can barely understand. Fifteen big and fat and powerful men facing each other, and at the end of the bigger, thicker and stronger wins. This is a common prejudice, and to counter this, rugby becomes small. In Rio they play a 7-variant, so there are only 14 players left, but the field still has the same size.

The short play time of two seven minutes allows all tournaments on weekends, for example, women’s Olympics open on Saturday and finish on Monday. Generous space in the field try to be used by players who are nimble and fast. For example, Portia Woodman, a dark-skinned woman from Auckland, who looks strong solely in the first sight and goes along the second with the glasses with legs along the chalk.

For the layman, rugby is much more unique than the classic version. There are no protective movements of immobile muscles. More urgent is speed and agility. New Zealand have chased 1,000 players for the premiere of the 7th Rugby Olympics, Portia Woodman was decided from the start. He often accompanies all the less able Kenyan women on the left wing, the ball in his left hand, if no opponent arrives, which should be pushed with the elbows to the side, but the danger is not really at Deodoro. Kenya strives with passion and passion and wading through the middle line for the first time three minutes before the end. The end is 56: 0.

Rugby in New Zealand is all about football in Germany, not much more popular. The women’s team is called the Seven Sisters and is budgeted in Rio for gold candidates, the toughest competitor is Australia’s favorite foe and neighbor. Of course, this duel of tradition also exists with people who meet in Rio for a three-way argument with Fiji. The small island nation can get the first medal in Olympic history in Rio, and surely Thomas Bach will be back in the stands of Deodoro.

Similar But Not The Same, It’s The Difference Rugby Sports and American Football

Who has never heard of Rugby sport? What’s the name of American Football you’ve heard of? If you have never heard, maybe you do not even know how the game is. Sports football is very popular in America because it does not require some techniques, such as running tips, grappling and kicking the ball. But not infrequently if not a few people still can not distinguish between Rugby and American Football. Check it out!



The number of Rugby players

This Rugby game has a total of 15 players in one team. In defender and attacker positions must be differentiated, and each player can not participate in the exchange or help other players in this position.

Rugby Apparel

Clothing used in this sport disposseplay football. The players wear only t-shirts, shorts and shoes. But there are also teams who need to wear a helmet in this game. But the helmet was not like its American Football helmet, the helmet wanted to be black and the material was made of rubber.

Rugby ball

Sports rugby also uses the ball as its object. The ball on this sport has a format that is not much different from American Football, the difference is just a white base form and then not too oval.

Rugby Field


This rugby field has a width of 100 x 70 meters. There is a white line to make it easier for players to occupy their positions and the boundaries of their locations while playing rugby.




American Football

Number of American Football players

American Football only has 11 players from each team. The difference is here, the two teams of players who will compete are divided into two types of teams, the team of attackers and the team survives. So, each of the 11 people whose contents there are 11 people who occupy the position and 11 people who occupy the position of the attacker.

American Football Apparel

His gym clothes are the most different, his clothes full of protective clothing. Why do you have to be careful? Because in this sport there are no special rules, to the extent that can not cause some attacks and injuries that will be experienced by the players.

American Football Balls

The sports ball is also very different from rugby. The ball used in American Football is an oval with both pointed ends. This ball is dark brown and in the middle there are stitches.

American Football Field

The field used in this sport is 109.7m x 48.8m. While the length is only used 100 yards or during 91.4m and in every 10 meters are white lines, with a width of 48.8m.

Now you know the difference between Rugby and American Football? Well congratulations you will not be confused again.

The article to read to (finally) understand everything during a rugby match

“Life is too short to understand rugby , so much fun.” This sentence, which one owes to the humorous website Boucherie Ovalie , may speak to you. Yes, but now, even if you think that rugby is a brutal sport where players spend more time rolling on the ground than doing something with the ball, you would like to follow the games of the Blues during the World Cup. world. Or maybe just do not look ridiculous when your oval balloon friends invite you to the quarter-final between France and New Zealand on Saturday, October 17th.

>> Follow France-New Zealand live on francetv info

Do not panic ! Francetv info has thought of you and answers all the questions you ask yourself about rugby.

Already, why do they complicate life with an oval balloon?

Legend has it that William Webb Ellis, who created the sport with a football behind the goal in a game at Rugby (England) in 1823, squeezed the ball so tight against him that it became oval.

In reality, the famous oval does not emerge until 1835, according to  Le Figaro . That year, shoemaker William Gilbert decided to create an elongated balloon, easier to hold against himself when running. As a bonus, its shape makes the trajectory and bounces more unpredictable and therefore the game more interesting (or complicated, we let you decide). Today, the Gilbert brand is still one of the largest manufacturers of oval balloons.

How do players move forward if the ball can only go backwards?

Players have the right to move forward with the ball, it is the only way to score a try! They can even send it forward with a kick. On the other hand, the passes are done only towards the back, as the Rugbynistère recalls . When a player makes a pass forward or drops the ball forward, there is fault: this is the basic rule (and a little strange, it is granted) from the front.

Why are we talking about trial and transformation, not just purpose?

Before 1871, the test (which consists of going to put the ball with the hand in the in-goal of the opposing team) was aptly named. It was only an attempt to score and reported no point, said the Internet . To increase the score, the scorer had to transform the try by passing the ball between the posts and above the crossbar, located 3 meters in height. The team then got a (meager) reward after all these efforts: a very small point. Don’t forget that you can get the sportsbook news in agen judi piala dunia also.

Someone probably said it was a shame to struggle for so little, the rules of counting points have evolved several times. Since 1992, the test is worth five points and the transformation, two.

Teams can also score with two other types of kicks, each of which allows for three points: the penalty, awarded by the referee after an opponent’s foul; the drop, when a player shoots between the poles during a game phase.

How to bet on rugby?


Most online bookmakers open betting on rugby. Nevertheless, on the occasion of the World Cup 2015, it is clearly the PMU that stands out as the bookmaker of oval ball fans :

  • 170 € welcome bonus to get started
  • advantageous odds thanks to handicap betting
  • special offers during XV de France matches


As in most team sports, the most profitable bets are those on the competition. In rugby, the choice is not lacking! Here is a non-exhaustive list of the main competitions to bet on:

  • Top 14
  • Pro D2
  • The 6 Nations tournament
  • The Rugby Championship (new name of the Tri-Nations)
  • Champions Cup (the equivalent of the Champions League) …

Betting on the winner even before the start of the competition can make nice shots, even on the favorites. For example, here are the ratings of the site before the start of the 2016-2017 season of Top 14:


You will note in the top right of the previous picture the words “bet placed: 2 places paid 1/3 of the odds”. This means that you can win if your team finishes in the top two, and not only if they win the competition.

Take an example: you estimate that Toulon will win the title and bet € 10 on their victory. So you make a bet called “winner”: if Toulon is champion, you win 37 € (your stake multiplied by the odds). If Toulon fails, you leave empty-handed.

By choosing the option win / placed, you also win if Toulon ranks 2nd in the Top 14. In this case, as indicated, you win 1/3 of the odds. Here is the calculation to perform for the “placed” rating:

“placed” rating = (“winner” rating – 1) x (“placed” rating fraction) + 1.

In our example, this gives: (3.70 – 1) x (1/3) + 1, which is equal to 1.9.

If Toulon finishes 2nd, for a stake of 10 €, you win 19 €.

Betting “placed” in rugby is a good idea for competitions where 2 favorites stand out . In this case of the top 14, there are many teams to claim the title: Toulon, Racing, Montpellier, Clermont, or Toulouse … This is not the best case.


The world of rugby has its own characteristics, which should be known and mastered to bet without taking too much risk:

  • Favor teams playing at home : indeed, they know a considerable advantage, the statistics prove it. This is explained by the importance of the audience obviously, who plays the role of “16th man” by helping his team when it needs a burst of energy, but also by the visual cues that players have in their stage (especially those using a lot of footwork).
  • Pay attention to the calendar : Rugby is a physically demanding sport, and coaches are making a lot of their numbers: an apparently favorite team can find itself in a weak position if it decides to save some of its Top 14 players for a match. European Cup, for example. Bet on the team that seems weaker can be an opportunity to achieve a nice value bet .

Other tips exist, relating to the structure of paris rather than the knowledge of the sport. For example, performing combined bets can allow you to multiply your winnings without too much risk or effort: thus, betting on home wins from big clubs opposed to small teams pays little for a single match, but the multiplication of odds helps to get great money in the end!

Rugby Rules: Survival Handbook for Beginners

Foreword : basic rule of rugby. It is forbidden to pass the ball in hand to a teammate in front of you or throw the ball in hand in front of you.

Ruck : static phase following a plating. Supporters must come from their camp (same imaginary line) and stay on their supports – standing – to recover the ball, picking it up or pushing in the axis.

Melee : Static phase organized following a forward. Both packs compete against the referee’s commands. We must push in the axis and heel the ball. A team may choose to make a scrum instead of a free kick or a penalty in its favor.

Button : when the ball goes out of touch. At 5 meters from the touch line, the players line up (from 2 to 7 players) and the hooker throws the ball in the axis of the alignment. The jumpers can be lifted by their teammates (lifters). A touch can be played quickly if the ball is recovered before going into the set: the player can pass to a teammate or himself beyond the 5-meter line, in the axis or to his side .

Penalty : follows a “serious” fault. Offside, anti-gambling, bad action, etc. The defense is automatically placed at 10 meters and must not intervene if the attacking team plays fast. Otherwise, it goes back 10 meters more. Possibility to play by hand, to type in touch with the right to throw the ball, choose a melee with the introduction or aim the posts to score 3 points.

Free kick : sanction a technical foul, often after a scrum or a touch (bad position in melee or bad introduction, fault in the alignment or team in excess in touch …). In its 22 meters, it is obtained by shouting “mark” during an aerial balloon recovered from volley. Defense at 10 meters, we can play by hand, ask for a scrum. Ability to type in touch, but without benefit of the throw. You can not aim at the poles to score points.

Drop (drop-goal): Kick fell. In the course of the game, the player (often number 10) drops the ball just in front of him and hits him in the direction of the poles as soon as he bounces to try to score 3 points.

Attempt : flatten the ball in the opponent’s in-goal by wearing it or throwing on it after a kick. The base ! 5 points. Gives the right to attempt a transformation, on the same imaginary vertical line to the goal line.

Transformation : kick set following a test. Worth 2 points. Beware, opponents have the right to run towards the player to counter the ball as soon as he started his run.

Forwards : the 8 players of the “pack”, the “big”, the beefy. They participate in the static phases organized for the winning of the ball (the keys and the scrums). In the game, it is they who have a leading role in the rucks, the open scrums (or spontaneous) and they defend around the static phases, closer to the groupings. They try to cross the defensive line in strength, in the axis or near the regroupings. Organized in 3 lines, which correspond to their position in closed (or ordered) scrum.

1st line : two pillars and a hooker in the middle. The smallest, but the strongest pack. The pillars stall the scrum, especially the right pillar, often the most powerful. The hooker coordinates the entry into scrum, thrust and heels the ball introduced backwards, towards the feet of his number 8 (3rd line).

2nd line : the biggest and the strongest of the pack. There are two of them. Push hard in melee, jump in touch, “clean” in rucks, push in groupings. It is they who do the work of undermining, the work of the shadow.

3rd line : a number 8 in the middle, powerful and technical, who has the right to pick up the ball in closed scrum to cross the line further. Two 3rd wing lines, a little lighter. Rugby decathletes, the liaison between forwards and three-quarters in the game, the biggest tacklers, able to jump in touch. Also push on the pillars in closed scrum to stall the whole.

Three quarters : the 7 players of the back lines. The “gazelles”, faster and lighter than the pack players. Use the width of the field to cross the opposing line of defense. They are the only ones – except for a very rare exception – to use footwork to advance to the opposing side or to put pressure on the opponent by getting touches near the opposing goal line.

Demis ( melee and opening ): the 9th and the 10th, the hinge. The 9 guide the pack, introduced in melee, animates the game. Systematic relay after each contact phase to give back the ball to the fronts to go upwind or eject the ball for three-quarters, most often giving the ball to his half opening. The opening half, number 10, is the conductor of the rear lines, the strategist,

the one who launches the attacks, announces the combinations to surprise the opponent; he can play foot to the opponent’s side to recover the ball or put pressure, tap candles, drops. He is often the scorer of the team. He also commands the defensive ascents of the three-quarter line.

Centers : 12th and 13th. Strong, fast players, able to play foot or hand. Big tacklers. They are the ones who compete in the middle of the field, to cross or to free space for their wingers. Often supported by the 3rd line in the course of the game.

Ailiers : the 11th and the 14th. The most vivid and fast players, the finishers, the raisers. They usually stay along the sidelines, but may also be involved in midfield combinations. Help the back to defend when kicking opponents.

Back : the 15th, the last rampart. Last defender, versatile attacker when he integrates into the line of attack to bring the excess. Skillful on high balls and candles, with a good kick-off to put pressure on the other side or find touches. He is also often a scorer.

Yellow / red card: repeated technical fouls, bad gestures, brutalities … are sanctioned by yellow or red cards (two yellow cards equivalent to a red card). A player receiving a yellow card must leave the field for 10 minutes without being replaced. The red card is equivalent to a final expulsion from the field.

How to play rugby

Above all, it should be known that there are many variants of rugby, namely rugby XV and its variants (12, 7 or even mini rugby for small), and rugby league and its variants ( at 9 or 7). Other variants could also be touch rugby, beach rugby, rugby rugby, wheelchair rugby, etc. So, to answer the question how to play rugby, we will give you some basic knowledge of how to play rugby, which is arguably the most popular variant of rugby.

The few basic principles of rugby

To play rugby, you first need a team of 15 players, like the XV of France, with players holding well-defined positions. We have the front (the big ones) which are numbered from 1 to 8 (first line, second line and third line), then the backs (half of scrum, half of opening, centers, wingers and back), numbered from 9 to 15.

So already, we can say that to play rugby, the template is particularly crucial in the role that will play everyone in the team. And the physical will also determine how to play rugby. For example, the pillars run less quickly, but their body mass will serve to protect the hooker. Another example is that wingmen have a smaller size and can run very fast. In general, it is they who mark the tests.

How to play rugby?

The principle of the game is to score more points than the opposing team, either by scoring a try or by scoring a goal. The first (the test) is to flatten the ball in the end zone of the opposing team, which earns 5 points. It also gives a try or attempt to convert into a goal, which will then be worth 2 points. As for the second (the goal), it consists of passing the ball between the posts, above the crossbar, either by a kick placed or a kick dropped. Namely that the goals then count 3 points (except for the transformation).

By the way, how to play rugby on the field? Players can carry the ball, pass a pass in the hand (back), or play with the foot. In other words, you can play rugby using both hands and feet, this of course in accordance with the rules (pass rules, throw-in rules, etc.). This suggests that to know how to play rugby, it will also be important to know first and foremost the rules applicable to this discipline, and watch matches to better appreciate the progress of the game, as well as the role played by each player, for to play rugby.