Most online bookmakers open betting on rugby. Nevertheless, on the occasion of the World Cup 2015, it is clearly the PMU that stands out as the bookmaker of oval ball fans :

  • 170 € welcome bonus to get started
  • advantageous odds thanks to handicap betting
  • special offers during XV de France matches


As in most team sports, the most profitable bets are those on the competition. In rugby, the choice is not lacking! Here is a non-exhaustive list of the main competitions to bet on:

  • Top 14
  • Pro D2
  • The 6 Nations tournament
  • The Rugby Championship (new name of the Tri-Nations)
  • Champions Cup (the equivalent of the Champions League) …

Betting on the winner even before the start of the competition can make nice shots, even on the favorites. For example, here are the ratings of the site before the start of the 2016-2017 season of Top 14:


You will note in the top right of the previous picture the words “bet placed: 2 places paid 1/3 of the odds”. This means that you can win if your team finishes in the top two, and not only if they win the competition.

Take an example: you estimate that Toulon will win the title and bet € 10 on their victory. So you make a bet called “winner”: if Toulon is champion, you win 37 € (your stake multiplied by the odds). If Toulon fails, you leave empty-handed.

By choosing the option win / placed, you also win if Toulon ranks 2nd in the Top 14. In this case, as indicated, you win 1/3 of the odds. Here is the calculation to perform for the “placed” rating:

“placed” rating = (“winner” rating – 1) x (“placed” rating fraction) + 1.

In our example, this gives: (3.70 – 1) x (1/3) + 1, which is equal to 1.9.

If Toulon finishes 2nd, for a stake of 10 €, you win 19 €.

Betting “placed” in rugby is a good idea for competitions where 2 favorites stand out . In this case of the top 14, there are many teams to claim the title: Toulon, Racing, Montpellier, Clermont, or Toulouse … This is not the best case.


The world of rugby has its own characteristics, which should be known and mastered to bet without taking too much risk:

  • Favor teams playing at home : indeed, they know a considerable advantage, the statistics prove it. This is explained by the importance of the audience obviously, who plays the role of “16th man” by helping his team when it needs a burst of energy, but also by the visual cues that players have in their stage (especially those using a lot of footwork).
  • Pay attention to the calendar : Rugby is a physically demanding sport, and coaches are making a lot of their numbers: an apparently favorite team can find itself in a weak position if it decides to save some of its Top 14 players for a match. European Cup, for example. Bet on the team that seems weaker can be an opportunity to achieve a nice value bet .

Other tips exist, relating to the structure of paris rather than the knowledge of the sport. For example, performing combined bets can allow you to multiply your winnings without too much risk or effort: thus, betting on home wins from big clubs opposed to small teams pays little for a single match, but the multiplication of odds helps to get great money in the end!