Above all, it should be known that there are many variants of rugby, namely rugby XV and its variants (12, 7 or even mini rugby for small), and rugby league and its variants ( at 9 or 7). Other variants could also be touch rugby, beach rugby, rugby rugby, wheelchair rugby, etc. So, to answer the question how to play rugby, we will give you some basic knowledge of how to play rugby, which is arguably the most popular variant of rugby.

The few basic principles of rugby

To play rugby, you first need a team of 15 players, like the XV of France, with players holding well-defined positions. We have the front (the big ones) which are numbered from 1 to 8 (first line, second line and third line), then the backs (half of scrum, half of opening, centers, wingers and back), numbered from 9 to 15.

So already, we can say that to play rugby, the template is particularly crucial in the role that will play everyone in the team. And the physical will also determine how to play rugby. For example, the pillars run less quickly, but their body mass will serve to protect the hooker. Another example is that wingmen have a smaller size and can run very fast. In general, it is they who mark the tests.

How to play rugby?

The principle of the game is to score more points than the opposing team, either by scoring a try or by scoring a goal. The first (the test) is to flatten the ball in the end zone of the opposing team, which earns 5 points. It also gives a try or attempt to convert into a goal, which will then be worth 2 points. As for the second (the goal), it consists of passing the ball between the posts, above the crossbar, either by a kick placed or a kick dropped. Namely that the goals then count 3 points (except for the transformation).

By the way, how to play rugby on the field? Players can carry the ball, pass a pass in the hand (back), or play with the foot. In other words, you can play rugby using both hands and feet, this of course in accordance with the rules (pass rules, throw-in rules, etc.). This suggests that to know how to play rugby, it will also be important to know first and foremost the rules applicable to this discipline, and watch matches to better appreciate the progress of the game, as well as the role played by each player, for to play rugby.