Cultivated and similar cats
After 92 years, Rugby has returned to the Olympics. If ever thrown out for being too brutal, in 7 variants of rough sport is not a little can be seen

Adelung? Takes place. Just before one o’clock in the afternoon, the US and Fiji teams played down, but the world was watching with ease. Because now the world government is present sport. Thomas Bach appeared with his entourage, and where the president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) took place, the camera was not far away. All lenses are shown to the stands at the Deodoro stadium. Here is a hard male Rugby sport handed by elegant women with cat-like movements, Bach nodded in recognition, where a number of people turned and their phones in photo-switching mode. Rugby came back.

This is slightly opposite from the last Olympics, which is now 92 years ago. Rugby is a pioneer of modern soccer sport, it was created about football perhaps, but after the Paris Olympics in 1924, Olympia looked too hard and brutal and too outmoded for the world’s youth to pursue postwar or better fulfillment. In Paris, it was in the final between the US and Australia to fight in the stands, and almost all the enthusiasts stormed the field.

Seven years ago, the IOC went on rugby at the Copenhagen meeting. The return of the resurrection at the Parque Olimpico from Deodoro, the vast estate next to the eastern element of Rio de Janeiro. Hockey is played on the left, the shooter shoots to the right, and in the middle is Portia Woodman, a 25-year-old New Zealand who barely recognizes who is also in Rio and is already acting as a world star who is coming. Portia Woodman started his athletic career on netball and changed into rugby only three years ago. Netball is a variant of basketball, which comes not much more without a body and thus has nothing to do with rugby, which people like to ramble on about the third beer in the pub.

“Very exciting here”
Step one in Rio is women. “It’s incredible here,” said Portia Woodman. He is 25 years old and has gone to Copacabana and a preliminary ceremony at Maracana for the last few days, but “the greatest moment is when I hit the Olympic region one time”. In this particular issue, the Olympic grass is created from synthetic fibers. New Zealand kicked the ball into the game for the introduction and, twelve seconds later, Portia Woodman planted the ball through the baseline for their first attempt against Kenya. “It feels good,” he said, not a bad word for poor girls from Kenya who do not know where it is left or right and invaded by New Zealand as two years ago, Brazil’s national football team from Germany in Belo Horizonte.

Rugby is often a sport that non-rugby players can barely understand. Fifteen big and fat and powerful men facing each other, and at the end of the bigger, thicker and stronger wins. This is a common prejudice, and to counter this, rugby becomes small. In Rio they play a 7-variant, so there are only 14 players left, but the field still has the same size.

The short play time of two seven minutes allows all tournaments on weekends, for example, women’s Olympics open on Saturday and finish on Monday. Generous space in the field try to be used by players who are nimble and fast. For example, Portia Woodman, a dark-skinned woman from Auckland, who looks strong solely in the first sight and goes along the second with the glasses with legs along the chalk.

For the layman, rugby is much more unique than the classic version. There are no protective movements of immobile muscles. More urgent is speed and agility. New Zealand have chased 1,000 players for the premiere of the 7th Rugby Olympics, Portia Woodman was decided from the start. He often accompanies all the less able Kenyan women on the left wing, the ball in his left hand, if no opponent arrives, which should be pushed with the elbows to the side, but the danger is not really at Deodoro. Kenya strives with passion and passion and wading through the middle line for the first time three minutes before the end. The end is 56: 0.

Rugby in New Zealand is all about football in Germany, not much more popular. The women’s team is called the Seven Sisters and is budgeted in Rio for gold candidates, the toughest competitor is Australia’s favorite foe and neighbor. Of course, this duel of tradition also exists with people who meet in Rio for a three-way argument with Fiji. The small island nation can get the first medal in Olympic history in Rio, and surely Thomas Bach will be back in the stands of Deodoro.