One of the toughest and most competitive sports teams is rugby. Rugby’s history dates back to the nineteenth century in England, after which residents of other countries indicated interest in him. Discipline has few variations (rugby-15, rugby-7 and others), the rules and duration of the game are different.

Rugby-15 has long had a large number of interested people to be represented at the Olympics. However, implementers are not in a hurry to make the composition of the Olympic discipline. This fact is particularly related to the fact that players need a long rehabilitation period after the meeting, which cannot be allowed within the short period of the Olympic Games. At the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Rugby-7 was presented, because the duration of the match was far less than in Rugby-15.

Besides the Olympics, major tournaments are the World Cup and Six Nations Cup. Rugby is popular in the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, France, Argentina, New Zealand and other countries. The popularity of rugby is great in a number of countries and the vast geography of all fans provokes the appearance of this sport in the betting line.

As pronounced above, in rugby, the rules and nature of the game are different. For example, Rugby-15 is not as fast and dynamic as other disciplines. The main focus is on the struggle for domination and team tactics. There are not a few chances of stopping in a match, so bettors don’t often have time for deliberate bets. As for rugby-7, until now discipline has not been presented as a separate sport. The national team consists of Rugby-15 athletes, and key players do not view significant tournaments. However, after the rugby-7 statement as an Olympic sport, the attitude towards him has returned to a better place, and his popularity has increased.

Bets offer a fair set of results for confrontation, to the extent that each user will be able to choose the best choice. Popular bets to win between teams in matches. The results drawn are possible, but it is not possible, therefore the coefficients for the use of such events are rather high. No less common is the bet on winning with a handicap. Team classes in personal games can be significantly opposite, and the coefficients for winning favorites are too small to count on significant income. In such a situation, it’s better to pick up a favorite victory at the minus odds.

It is possible to make a bet on the total for all matches or periods of individual periods. The total variance in collective personalities is considered. Unique is betting effort. One should not assume that rugby is “uncompromising battle”. The judge supervised the violation of the rules, to the extent that the cards in the match were common symptoms.

Players can strive to assess effective actions first in a match. For example, what will happen faster: an effort or free kick. Other bets are possible: in tournament winners, odd / even, periods / matches and other results.

For an effective bet you must, first of all, see the composition of the team. In the national team game, the mutual definition between rugby players from one club is established far better than among athletes who only gather a number of times a year. By evaluating the team format, you must listen not only to a series of victories / defeats, but also to the position of individual players. Athletes who work on a number of urgent and challenging matches may not be in the best situation.

The trainer has a different composition. Some players have equal substitutes, to the extent that “fresh” reserves can significantly affect the results around the match. Having as many powerful players is very urgent in long-running tournaments, where as much as possible is expected.

Players before betting must also watch individual team meetings. Games with an uncomfortable opponent often finish with defeat, and a series of losses can be difficult to repair. In difficult times, tactics allow you to overcome stronger opponents, but the coach must be prepared to make responsible decisions. Previous game analysis will allow us to know what strategies the mentor holds depending on conditions in the field. The match is held in open space, to the extent that the weather can create its own adjustments. In difficult situations, dividends in speed are not very clear, because of that the struggle for domination and tactical actions come forward.

To succeed, some players use existing rugby betting strategies or develop their own schemes. Other bettors prefer to watch each match and draw red threads according to the events seen. Such a non-systemic approach also has the right to exist, because seeing the broadcast helps to assess the strength of the team and the state of the heart to fight within certain periods of time.

In many cases, the duration of the match is 80 minutes (2 parts, every 40 minutes). Therefore, all results are calculated after the end of the main periods. Depending on the competition, the duration can vary, to the extent that the user must listen to the competition rules before betting. Determination of the winner matches the results of extra time or a series of punches carried out in the match “for departure”. If the event that the player has decided has already occurred, the bet is calculated directly in the match. The remaining profit sharing needs to look forward to the completion of the confrontation.

In CIS countries, rugby is lower than sports in popularity. However, in the international arena, this discipline finds not a few fans. The audience appreciates the “sporting anger” of all players, their willingness to win, even though there is resistance from the opponent. For big tournaments, bets offer a rather high chance, so players have a good chance of getting rugby. However, like in other disciplines, a competent approach to the betting process and an option from a reliable betting office is required. Rugby bets can be made online at the site: