Who has never heard of Rugby sport? What’s the name of American Football you’ve heard of? If you have never heard, maybe you do not even know how the game is. Sports football is very popular in America because it does not require some techniques, such as running tips, grappling and kicking the ball. But not infrequently if not a few people still can not distinguish between Rugby and American Football. Check it out!



The number of Rugby players

This Rugby game has a total of 15 players in one team. In defender and attacker positions must be differentiated, and each player can not participate in the exchange or help other players in this position.

Rugby Apparel

Clothing used in this sport disposseplay football. The players wear only t-shirts, shorts and shoes. But there are also teams who need to wear a helmet in this game. But the helmet was not like its American Football helmet, the helmet wanted to be black and the material was made of rubber.

Rugby ball

Sports rugby also uses the ball as its object. The ball on this sport has a format that is not much different from American Football, the difference is just a white base form and then not too oval.

Rugby Field


This rugby field has a width of 100 x 70 meters. There is a white line to make it easier for players to occupy their positions and the boundaries of their locations while playing rugby.




American Football

Number of American Football players

American Football only has 11 players from each team. The difference is here, the two teams of players who will compete are divided into two types of teams, the team of attackers and the team survives. So, each of the 11 people whose contents there are 11 people who occupy the position and 11 people who occupy the position of the attacker.

American Football Apparel

His gym clothes are the most different, his clothes full of protective clothing. Why do you have to be careful? Because in this sport there are no special rules, to the extent that can not cause some attacks and injuries that will be experienced by the players.

American Football Balls

The sports ball is also very different from rugby. The ball used in American Football is an oval with both pointed ends. This ball is dark brown and in the middle there are stitches.

American Football Field

The field used in this sport is 109.7m x 48.8m. While the length is only used 100 yards or during 91.4m and in every 10 meters are white lines, with a width of 48.8m.

Now you know the difference between Rugby and American Football? Well congratulations you will not be confused again.